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Intellectual Property | Germany

Dr Robert Klinski is German and European Patent, Trademark and Design attorney, and the founder of Patentship.

He studied electrical engineering and telecommunications at the Technical University Hamburg-Harburg and received his PhD with honors from the Technical University of Munich in the field of statistical signal processing in telecommunications. He was a scientific researcher at the Fraunhofer Institute and engineer at Siemens AG in the fields of wired and wireless communication systems, and is mentioned as inventor in several patents relating to telecommunications.

Dr Robert Klinski has been working in the field of intellectual property since 2002, and has extensive experience in IP prosecution, IP litigation, IP harvesting and IP exploitation in the fields of digital signal processing, 5G, IoT, AI, security, blockchain and cryptography. In his recent 5G and security projects, he supported his clients with harvesting more than 100 inventions. Dr Robert Klinski is further actively supporting international investment firms in IP backed startup incubation and IP generation on demand.

Patentship is a medium-sized, value-oriented patent law firm based in Munich, specialising in value-oriented and result-driven patent drafting, prosecution, litigation and licensing in various jurisdictions and in a wide range of technologies, such as electrical engineering, telecommunication and information systems, software, mechanical engineering, automotive and chemistry.

Patentship’s clients include national and international research institutes, medium-sized companies and global players listed in Fortune 500 and Forbes 100 rankings.

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