Amit Aswal
Level 3, 45/1, Corner Market, Malviya Nagar
New Delhi

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Intellectual Property | India

Amit Aswal is the managing partner of AnovIP and assists clients with the creation, management and monetisation of intellectual property. He is consulted in matters of IP portfolio scouting and evaluation, formulation and implementation of defensive and offensive IP strategies, IP negotiations and transactions, IP licensing opportunities identification, sales and branding of patent portfolios for creating patent pools and IP royalty determination.

Mr Aswal’s success is informed by his proficiency in negotiating and closing complex IP transactions – a proficiency that stems from his unique combination of technical, legal and economic expertise of intellectual property and his keen sensitivity to changing market conditions. His clients include individuals, small and medium-sized corporations, Fortune 500 companies and universities worldwide. As a qualified patent and trademark attorney with university qualifications in computer science, Mr Aswal rightly possesses the technical and legal skills that are essential to lead a strategic India IP practice boutique, making him one of the most sought-after IP advisers, especially in matters relating to IP infringement, licensing and monetisation.

Mr Aswal’s non-traditional IP boutique practice spans the gamut of IP services via its network of offices across the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia, including India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Maldives, Nepal, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

About AnovIP

AnovIP is a specialised intellectual property firm with in-house team of over 200 attorneys, agents, and subject matter experts. Our expertise lies in assisting firms of your size in reducing expenses relating to intellectual property creation, management and monetisation.
Our expertise includes but is not limited to electronics, mechanical, electrical engineering, semiconductors, software, internet telephony, signal processing, e-commerce, telecommunications, light-emitting diodes (LEDs), thermo dynamics, turbine technology, packaging industry, home appliances, civil engineering, machine building, environmental engineering, tool building, motor vehicle technology, clean energy, biotechnology, life sciences, pharmaceutical, electrical circuitry, mechanical engineering, mechanical tools, etc.

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